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Practical Information :

As the wedding will be in a château in the countryside, logistics will be important. We also propose a few extra visits for those staying Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you will be staying, please check these events out (Bordeaux Wine Festival and Cité du Vin Monday, Saint Emilion on Tuesday, and Dune du Pilat/ beach on Wednesday.

Check out our page Carpool/ Co-voitourage:  If you have extra seats in your car, or if you need a ride, please sign up on this page.  Input your phone number and or email so people can coordinate directly with you.

We recommend checking flights into both Paris and Bordeaux to find the best price.


If flying into the Charles de Gaul (CDG) airport in Paris, then you would ideally want to book a train directly from the airport to Bordeaux (or directly Château Couffins). This will allow you to avoid traveling through Paris to catch your train, which would be over an hour of travel via RER and metro.  Instead, we recommend taking a train directly from CDG to Bordeaux.  * Be sure to allow enough time  between your expected arrival and the train departure (in case of delayed flights, or other unforeseen events). The train website:   If you are arriving directly for the wedding, or staying closer to château couffins (where the wedding will be) then you may wish to take a train directly to Gare « Cubzac les Ponts » or « St André de Cubzak » (both a few kilometers from the château).  There will be taxi service available at either.  There is no bus service or UBER to the château from Bordeaux city center, and a taxi would cost more than 50 euros or more.  The train to either station close to château couffins is a only few euros.


If flying directly into Bordeaux, it is very easy to then take the bus to Bordeaux center. The bus line 1+ leaves every 10 minutes from the airport and takes about 40 minutes to arrive near the city center or Gare Saint Jean train station.    You can pay for the bus directly on the bus, in cash (euros).  This is 1 euro 60 cents.  There is an ATM at the airport and its typically much better to withdraw money direct from your bank account and let your bank do the exchange rate, than to pay the overinflated exchange rates at the exchange booths.


We recommend taking a train directly to the stations Cubzac les Ponts or St André de Cubzac.  These leave from Bordeaux, but if you are coming from elsewhere, you should be able to book the entire trip (ie from Paris Both are just a few minutes from Château Couffins and taxis should be available at the local train station.  You can call the following taxi drivers directly (these are available at the two local train stations and near Asques): For calling from a local phone, drop the +33 and add « 0 », ie +336 07 53 17 21 becomes 06 07 53 17 21

  • Françoise Dupont : +336 07 53 17 21
  • Denis Plumeau : +335 57 43 05 30
  • Taxi Dam : +336 07 94 81 70
  • Philippe Munnier : +336 98 65 67 77

UBER/LYFT : UBER exists but it works only in Bordeaux center. Do not expect to use this near the château. It is too far for the Uber drivers to come.

CARPOOLING : We have set up a carpool list, including whether you are looking for a driver or have a spare seat.   Please visit our page and enter your information so that others can contact you.

THE DAY OF THE WEDDING, SATURDAY 16 JUNE: We will be providing transportation from château couffins to your hotel within a 15 minute drive of the château approximately every 30 minutes (or as requested/available).     We will have a sign up board at the wedding.  provide pick up for the wedding on a first come first serve basis (so that you can leave your car at your hotel or avoid a taxi).   For those staying in Bordeaux, its recommended  to take the train (info above) to the wedding site.  We will provide transportation once in the evening approximately 2AM to Bordeaux center (from there an UBER will be available).  There may also be people planning on driving…If so, please use our carpool page if you have extra seats.  Or if you need a ride.  *Please provide your names via the comment section below so that we know that you will be needing a ride and to where.  And again on the sign up board at the wedding.

OUR  RECOMMENDATION FOR HOTEL:  Stay near Asques if possible Saturday and Sunday nights.  Sunday is an all day pool party/brunch and it will be more convenient for you to stay close.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION:  Bordeaux has great public transportation.  There are timely buses, trams, UBER (in the city center), taxis (at the train stations) and even bicycles to rent.  For those planning on staying long enough to enjoy some of the other sites of Bordeaux, you might be interested in the Bordeaux City Pass

The Bordeaux City pass provides your ticket for public transportation plus entry into Cité du Vin, plus even parking at the city lots (if using public transportation as well).  Parking a rental car in Bordeaux alone is 20 euros or more per day so the pass is worth it.  While the link above gives the basic info in English, it does not allow you to actually buy the pass (their link is broken).  Instead you should visit the French page once you decide: Pass Tourism.

The Bi-Annual Bordeaux Wine Festival (Fête du Vin) starts on Thursday June 14th and goes through Monday June 18th (until 6pm).  For those here in Bordeaux on Thursday and Friday, or staying through Monday, you might be interested in the Wine Festival Pass.  You can buy it on line here or once you get to Bordeaux.  The pass is not an obligation and they will be available for purchase at the event.

Saturday the 16th will be a full day so you may want to get alot of rest before hand.  French weddings typically start later and end early morning.  We invite you to the château on Saturday the 16th from 2pm onward for outdoor games and to meet others.  The ceremony will start at 5:30 pm.  Cocktails and hors d’œurves will be from 6pm to 8pm, followed by dinner from 8pm to about 1130pm, followed by the dj until about 4am.   Sunday is brunch and pool time/games from 12pm until…. .  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday we have organized opportunities to get together with planned trips, including visiting Bordeaux and the wine festival, wine tasting in Saint Emilion and visiting the beach and Dune du Pilat.  See more info here and to sign up/let us know to expect you.  We will input a carpool sign up as well as the dates get closer (or at the wedding).

WHAT TO WEAR:  The wedding is formal (ie suits/ties or dresses).  No one will be in a tuxedo.  Most woman will likely wear heels.  The wedding ceremony and the dinner are on the grass in the park of the château (dinner under a tent).  We will have heel protectors available for the high heels.

WEATHER:  Typical weather in Bordeaux in June: Its typically sunny but not overly hot.  Hopefully, this is the case.   It does rain in Bordeaux more often than I ever imagined, so an umbrella is always a good idea (just in case).

BABYSITTING:  We will provide babysitting for those with infants/children.  Our sitters will be available from after the ceremony until 2am.  There will be quiet rooms where the children could play games or sleep while you enjoy the evening.

Please do use our comment section below for any questions.  I’m sure you are not the only one with that question and we will add the answer here for others, plus get back to you as soon as we can.